Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Time To Change...2013 Edition

First, I must apologize for using the title of a Brady Bunch song as the title of this blog entry (you know, the episode when Peter's voice changes while they are in the recording studio? Well past the point the show jumped the shark, IMHO.).  But I thought it would be fitting as I "officially" announce my goals for the coming year.

I am usually not one to make "New Year's Resolutions" since I have a terrible time with the follow through (mostly because I am an island and have little personal accountability in my life...help me change that, harass me endlessly to stay on track, I can take it).  But this year I have a series of goals which I feel are very necessary to my personal/spiritual/physical growth and desire to accomplish them.

Categorically, here they are:

  1. Begin working on my college degree.  I have the courses, just have not started, mostly due to trying to find time.
  2. Become more social and actually spend time with others (not just in a work setting).
  3. MOVE!!! I need to, at the very least, locate suitable housing for my family.  I NEED them to join me full-time.  Whether or not that means finding something local or waiting in hope of relocating in general, I am open.  I would prefer the relocating and have 2 locations which I would prefer, but God is in control and knows best.
  1. Read through the Bible (like I try every year), and compile my notes and annotations from the several Bibles I read with into a digital notebook of some sort.  This will help me stay organized and assist in tracking things I have seen a little different than most people (in my odd/skewed way of thinking).
  2. Get consistent in my prayer life.
  3. I would like to lead a "Run For God" 5K training program/Bible Study.
  1. I want/need to get back to running.  I have completed a marathon in the past, but 2012 was a non-event as far as running goes.  I have done almost none and made little effort to do anything.  In 2013, I have pledged to run 1,000 miles (an average of 2.74 miles a day which I will not run every day, but as I increase my distances it will balance out). Additionally, in conjunction with the 1,000 mile running goal, is my goal to cover 2,013 miles for charity with added miles on bicycle.
  2. I am personally pledging $1 for each mile I cover which I will donate to Hope House in Midland, Texas in January 2014.  The Hope House provides discounted/free residence for individuals and their family while under going cancer treatments in Midland.  I have stayed there on several occasions and will again soon (if I can call early enough to get a reservation!!).  I fully support everything they do and wish to give back to them in some way.  I would like to ask you, my readers, to consider contributing to this charity as well, either in support of my goal or directly.  I will be setting up a donations widget soon and will have it on the main page of this blog.  Stay tuned!!
To start things off, I have registered for my first 5K of the year on January 5th.  The Monahans Sand Dunes 5K in the Monahans Sand Dune State Park in Monahans, Texas.  I drive through this town every other week when I head to Midland for chemo therapy.  While this will be a non-treatment weekend, I figured I need to register for everything within a reasonable commute to keep me motivated, and sadly, living in the armpit of Texas, there are not many close by.  There is another in Midland in March which I have on my calendar, as well.

This will get me started on another goal of completing a running grand slam (completing a 5K, 10K, half marathon and a full marathon in 2013).  There will hopefully be a sprint triathlon in the mix as well.

All of these goals have a semi-common theme: I firmly believe they will assist me in dealing with/overcoming cancer.  I have a lot more future goals but mostly I just want to be around a long time to try to reach them.

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  1. Hi Donald,
    I'm a first time visitor to your blog. You have share such an inspiring attitude in this post. I wish you full recovery for your health and 2013 together with your family.
    Cheers, Caylie