Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Guilty Pleasure

I have a guilty pleasure.  No, it is not watching cheesy Zombie films or the grilled PB and 'nana sandwiches, I have NO guilt in those.  My guilty pleasure is: I look forward to Thursdays.


Why a weekday that is more or less still in the middle of the week? Not quite the end, but much more than the beginnings?  I could wax philosophically and say that this is the stage I find myself currently in life, but that would be not quite the truth.

I like Thursdays because...


Odd, you say, that the manifestation of my love is strongest on a Thursday? Oh, no.  I love my wife and her perspectives on things.  I fell in love with her when we were attending a Bible Study together 19 years ago while I was in the military stationed at Fort Benning, Georgia.

Occassionally, she would lead and we would have "Cheri's 30 seconds with God."  (Simple reminders such as like a tube of tooth paste, we need to be squeezed to get the good stuff out).

Anyway, on Thursdays, she is the featured blogger at Middle Places, and I look forward to reading her posts and gaining insight to life through her eyes.  I find myself on many occasions weeping like a child at her words.  She truly amazes me.


So there you have it, why Thursday is my guilty pleasure.

2013 Goals Check
Read chronologically through the ESV
Today's Reading: Gen 32-36
Jacob Fears Esau
Jacob Wrestles God
Jacob Meets Esau
The Defiling of Dinah
God Blesses and Renames Jacom
The Deaths of Rebekah and Isaac
Esau's Descendants

2,013 in 2013 for Hope House
It was a dark and stormy night... A Little homage to Snoopy there, but it truly is a dark and stormy morning: cold, rainy, and dreary all the way.  But maintaining a positive attitude and quoting a little sign I read yesterday "There is no bad weather, just different types of good weather." And another that read: : "I run because... ...I get to be the weirdo running in the rain and snow".  I liked that one best.  Bring on the weirdness!!  So it was a good day for a run.

Only a half mile today due to conditions. Not for me, for the drivers sliding around the roads and sidewalks.  My safety took precedence.

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