Thursday, January 24, 2013


As I may have mentioned a time or three in the past, I am a Sci-fi fan.  In particular, I am a fan (but by no means ready to attend ComiCon or DragonCon) of the outer space western "FireFly".   Created and written by Joss Whedon and Tim Minear, this show was excellent, though it only enjoyed one season on-air and a follow-up theatrical presentation to tie up loose ends.  Aside from the great writing (witty, funny, and exciting) and fabulous cast, it had its own vocabulary.  In the 'Verse of Firefly, Chinese is widely spoken and often used by non-Asian characters as slang and profanity.  Other terms make frequent appearances, such as "Shiny" which is used to describe something as good, cool, nifty, and the like.

As I was reading through Exodus 34 (when Moses returns the second time from Mt. Sinai with the second set of tablets, his face is all aglow from prolonged time spent in the presence of God.  He was shiny, in the actual sense of the word where he radiated to the extent that Aaron and the people of Israel we frightened at first, and Moses took to wearing a veil when he was in their presence.

The analogy is there for us: when we stay present in our communion with God, we should radiate His presence to others.  While I am not saying that we will begin to physically glow, we all know at least one person whose Christian walk causes them to be "that" person who always seems radiant with the presence of God.

I want to be that person. 

2013 Goals Check:
Read Chronologically through the ESV.
I have completed Genesis and Exodus thus far.  Starting on Leviticus today.

2,013 miles in 2013 for Hope House Challenge:
Heading out for a run soon.  Today will bump my total over 50 for the year.  Yes, I am down on my numbers from the needed average to make it to 1000, but I know I will soon catch up, especially when I change work shifts to one more convenient to running.

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  1. Shine your light to the world and you'll be surprised how many notice a glow about you. :)