Friday, January 4, 2013

Hunting Season Is Open!!

I challenge you this year, as you go through your life and attempt to affect the changes you desire for yourself, to start hunting.  I am not encouraging any of you to suit up in RealTree camo and grab a shotgun to slay a beast (not that, IMHO, there is anything wrong with that choice), but I am encouraging you to start hunting "Yeah, Buts." 

Hunting "Yeah, Buts" involves careful preparation, attention to detail, and a killer instinct.  They are a very dangerous creature that will suddenly spring up and slay your dreams/desires/goals.  They MUST be eradicated!!

During this time of change, pay close attention to your conversations (both internal and external) when ever you find yourself saying or thinking "Yeah, but..." STOP!  Pull out your weapon of choice and kill it!

"Yeah, Buts..." have laid waste to the best intentions of many.  They are the excuses/justifications we make to ourselves about why we can't accomplish a goal.

Live the life you have always wanted.  Dream big and achieve bigger!  There is no other day than today to make a move in that direction.

"Yeah, Buts..." must die!

2013 Goal Checks

Read chronologically through the ESV Bible.
Today's Reading: Gen 12-15
The Call of Abram
Abram in Egypt
Abram and Lot Separate
Abram Rescues Lot
The Lord's Covenant with Abram

2,013 miles in 2013 for Hope house Challenge
Today I am taking an off day.  Due to the hazardous road conditions from the nearly 6" of snow here in west Texas.  Tomorrow I have a 5K race.  I am not concerned with the negative impact the off day wil lhave on the necessary 2.74 mile a day average to meet the 1,000 mile running goal.  I will make it up soon and actually be ahead. 

I am planning on cross training a bit with a casual ride on the stationary bike.

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