Friday, January 11, 2013

Stay in the Current

cur·rent  /ˈkərənt/
Belonging to the present time; happening or being used or done now.
A body of water or air moving in a definite direction, esp. through a surrounding body of water or air in which there is less movement.

One simple word.  Two distinct usages.  One means the "now." And one  is about movement.  They can be connected.

The other day, I wrote a bit about the "now"  and how to get through it relying on Faith in the present.  It has sort of been on my mind a lot lately.  I have come to the realization that I plan too much.  I am not talking about the simple updating of my appointment book to stay on task.  I am referring to my hugely complex and grandiose plans for the future.

There was a sitcom ( I can't remember exactly which one) but one of the characters was extremely retentive when it came to planning.  She would refer to her planner as her "life at a glance".  Several episode plots involve her having to readjust the story of her life. Somewhat cheesy, but VERY similar to me.

Five years ago, I would never have imagined the path my life has take.  In the ensuing years, I would be such a selfish jerk that my family left me, get divorced, fall into a HUGE depression (cleverly masked at work by throwing myself into work), start running to not have to think, make MANY mistakes, get diagnosed with cancer, realize there is only one way through this all, remarry my wife, and genuinely be happy in most aspects of my life for the first time.  A very winding road indeed, and one I could have never scripted or planned for.

My point being, instead of spending so much time planning our future, we need to remain in the now (stay in the current).  Doing this will leave us open to the workings of God.  By staying in the now, we are more susceptible to be moved by the Spirit and fall into God's plans and not our own and flow with them in the good, acceptable, and perfect will of God (stay in the current).  You have two options, go with the flow and let it carry you, or fight it and let it drag you down (but that is how people drown).

Stay relaxed and open to its flow.  You never know where it will take you.  There may be some bumps along the way and a few waves may seem like too much to bear, but it is worth it.  Trust me!

2013 Goals Check
Read chronologically through the ESV
Today's Reading: Gen 41-45
Joseph Interprets Pharaoh's Dream
Joseph Rises to Power
Joseph's Brothers Go to Egypt
Joseph's Brothers Return to Egypt
Joseph Tests His Brothers
Joseph Provides for His Brothers and Family

2,013 in 2013 for Hope House Challenge
I find it fitting that I write this today from the Hope House in Midland, Texas, as I am staying during a chemotherapy session this weekend.  This place is such a godsend. It relieves the burdens on individuals from having to travel round trips on short times between appointments and provides long term stays if needed.  Currently, in the Midland/Odessa area, with the fracking oil boom happening, hotel rooms are few and far between and if found have been increased in prices to match the extravagant per diem rates being paid for housing by oil companies to its employees temporarily in the area.

I honor of a high school classmate who several years ago was inspired to start running and complete a marathon when he saw I was working towards one, I will complete an impromptu  virtual half-marathon today.  I covered 13.1 miles.  He is currently in Orlando preparing for tomorrows first leg of the Goofy Challenge (a Saturday half marathon followed by a Sunday marathon).  Huge props to him, espeially in the heat warning the Orlando area is under.  Solidarity!

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