Thursday, January 10, 2013


I am a planner.  I am also a fan of spreadsheets.  If you were to scour my computer's hard drive you would find countless spreadsheet upon which I have laid out my life, or at least portions thereof.  Many are in a state of imperfection and/or incompleteness.  I begin them by outlining the "Big Picture" or goal of the moment and begin laying out the steps necessary to achieve.  The point is to lay out the road map for MY interpretation of what I believe God wants for me.

The problem is I tend to get interrupted.  I hate distractions and interruptions.  Can't the world understand that I am doing something important!

Oh, wait a minute...
{flips through the Gospels and reads a bit}

Hmm...have you ever noticed that Jesus's life was FULL of interruptions?

Blaine Smith puts it this way:

Much of Jesus’ ministry was a sanctified response to interruptions. Take a typical day: After teaching a large crowd for a long time, he breaks for time alone, only to have his disciples ask him to explain his parables (Mk 4:10). That evening, while traveling in a boat, they awake him to deal with an unruly storm (Mk 4:38), and when they arrive at the other side of the lake, Jesus is confronted by a man with multiple demons (Mk 5:1-13). In each of these cases, Jesus responds immediately to those who need his help.
Many opportunities, both for serving Christ and for experiencing his provision for our own needs, come packaged in unwelcome interruptions. We need to pray constantly for alertness to these openings when they confront us. Without such awareness, we’re likely to lag behind God’s timing.
That is a truly humbling statement.   How often is our reaction to interruption of OUR plans not the best way to respond to an opportunity God has sent our way.  After all, our plans and God's often conflict unless we are alert and aware of His will.

We need to shelf our disappointment when we are interrupted by God's appointments.

On another note:

I had a thought this evening when I was in a moment of self-loathing:

On a diamond, flaws are called "imperfections" and reduce value.
In a person, flaws add character and can increase value.
Life isn't perfect so you don't have to be either.
Not trying to be a self-help, psychobabble guru.  Just sharing a thought.

Goals Check:
Read chronologically through the ESV:
Today's Reading: Gen 37-40
Joseph's Dream
Joseph Sold By His Brothers
Judah and Tamar
Joseph and Potiphar's wife
Joseph Interprets Two Prisoners' Dreams

2,013 in 2013 for Hope House Challenge:
Today, I am taking a rest day.  I have generally scheduled Fridays for this event; however, though the roads have cleared, this town has no drainage.  All road intersections on my normal route are flooded.  I will therefore run tomorrow instead.  I am planning on 4 tomorrow and up to 5 on Saturday.  We shall see.

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