Friday, September 21, 2012

As it is.

I encourage others to state their opinions in order to better foster open communication. I don't mind when people disagree with me. I actually like a good spirited discussion.

What I do not like is people who refuse to allow a dialog and prefer a soliloquy. I haven't been lectured outside of school since I was a young boy.

You are entitled to your opinions and I, mine. I know I won't change your mind as I am sure you will not change mine. But I don't mind listening to yours.

So, the question came up: Are you better off today than you were 4 years ago? My reply to that would have to be a reserved and hesitant. I don't really think so.

Explanation: 4 years ago I was still married. I had my family with me and though it was a fractured relation on the brink of crumbling, we were together. I had more expendable income and less debt. I wasn't paying as much for gas, groceries, and necessities. In my career, I was in a place and doing a job I believed in and fully supported.  And in a location I liked.

Now, I live less freely financially. I am in a location I do not particularly enjoy. I am alone.   Now, at work, while I still fully support the mission, I am not as fulfilled

So my answer would lean more to the no side.

But, the reasons I am where I am and all the other conditions I considered boils down to one thing only; choice.

I made the choice to not attempt reconciliation with my family. I chose to incur debt. I choose to no longer spend more than necessary. I chose to come to my current career position.

I can not look to either political party to lay blame or give praise. I built this.

I can also make choices to correct all of this. I can try to return to my dream job. I can renew my relationship with my spouse. I can pay off my debts. I have the power to fix my condition. Sure, others will be necessary along the way to make decisions in support of my goals, but I need to do the leg work.

Maybe my pessimism has faded and I am no longer jaded, but I believe in opportunity.

Everyone has the opportunity to pull themselves out of whatever condition they find themselves. I takes discipline and will. That is it.  It all boils down to choices. Make your choice: will you stay on the muck and more of self pity, or will you make a decision to fight for what you want?

The choice is yours. Not the government's. Be true to your desires and make the effort.

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