Friday, September 28, 2012

Still Kicking...

To paraphrase Twain:  The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.

Sure, I know there were probably no reports out there, but I also know I have been pretty much delinquent lately in posting on a regular cycle.  Since I have been back to work, my day is filled and it hinders my creative flow.  It also saps my brain to jelly since it is usually a very mindless 10-12 hours.  Seriously, if PETA wouldn't throw a fit, they could train orangutans to do my job sometimes.

About the only "excitement" lately was this treatment session today.  Well, that is a misstatement.  Due to a drastically reduced platelet count, there was no treatment.  My Dr. rescheduled for next week, in hopes that my count will increase.  She claims it is from one of the meds in my chemo, but I can't help wonder if it is exacerbated by the side effects of the blood cell augmentation med she prescribes which causes spontaneous nose bleeds.

These nose bleeds cause a lot of blood loss, and not your basic little kid nose bleed, either.  If I did nothing to quell the flow, I could come pretty close to filling a shot glass with my blood.  Not trying to be gross, just telling you what is going on.

So, my research today has been into natural solutions to bolster platelet production.  Basically, it boils down to Vitamins K and B9 and B12, along with calcium.  K is hard to come by in supplement form, so I will be including a lot of leafy greens into my diet.  The Bs and calcium are easily supplemented; however, I want to use this experience to change my SAD (Standard American Diet) so I don't have to keep buying and taking pills.

My research also led me to several documentaries about the SAD and how juicing and/or a plant-based diet is much better for you.  And, by the way, one exposed the bogus reasons behind the USDA food pyramid recommendations ( is about money for the agricultural industry; specifically, meat and dairy producers).

Thus, the topic of my upcoming 31 Days project has now, out of necessity, shifted.  No longer will it be 31 Days of running, though I plan on doing a good deal of that.  Now, it will be 31 Days transitioning to a Juicing and Plant Based Diet.  I anticipate errors on my part and several hiccups and challenges along the way (I do have a trip planned to Georgia during October to visit my (x)wife and kids).

This transition is NOT about weight loss, though I do anticipate some of that occurring.  It is about health.  I want to get off (slowly and with advice from a physician) all the meds I take daily.  And, based on the research of several scientists who appear in the documentaries, a plant-based diet can slow or stop the progression of cancer, with there being many reports of "spontaneous remission."  That would be nice, these treatments (and the 170 mile one way drive) are getting old fast.

So, above all else, please pray for me on this journey and if you are up to it, send a little note of encouragement along the way.



  1. I am pretty thrilled that you are doing this! Hey, do you need a 31 days button to link up?

    Becky aka Plant-Based Mom

    1. Sure. I am not real savvy with link ups and all that, but I like to direct folks to other places I enjoy.

  2. Replies
    1. Me too, but I would prefer some with no alcohol in it. lol

  3. I am thinking about starting my own blog......Day 5 without a phone....suicide imminent.