Sunday, September 16, 2012

Bird vs. Windshield

Today (well, basically all weekend) has not been so good.  It is a chemo weekend which in and of itself means I had low hopes for it.  But it sunk even below what I felt would have been acceptable (or even tolerable).

Chemo went well, I guess.  I don't remember much of it since I slept for most of it.  I even slept through several moments of chaos (a fall right in front of me).  After I was cut loose with my pump, I started experiencing the irritation of hives again.  Thankfully I had some Benadryl  with me, so I was able to take care of that.

Unfortunately, there was nothing I could do about the Peripheral Neuropathy which kicked in hard this week.  It still has not faded and I am over 48 hours since it kicked in.  I slept all day (and I mean all day) Saturday.  I would wake up for about an hour at a time and try to keep up with some SEC college football.  I watched Auburn play and Alabama. Finally, I watched Stanford beat USC which means LSU will probably move up to #2 in the AP poll.  I like it when the SEC dominates this poll, because they do have the best teams (IMHO).

After finally getting disconnected from my pump today, I started heading home.  That went poorly too.  As I was pulling in to fill up my gas tank for the long drive, I hit a barrier at the WalMart gas station.  Minor damage, but enough I will have to get it taken care of one day.  And about 40 miles from home, a bird committed suicide against my windshield.  So it is well and truly shattered.  It is basically dead center, so I still had decent visibility to drive with.  There is just no place here locally to address the situation, so it will have to wait 2 weeks until I am back in Midland.

My PN is hurting (yes, even as I type this).  I have a sore throat and the cold intolerance is making it very difficult to drink anything.  I tried to eat yesterday, but could barely get anything down so I just quit trying.  Still haven't eaten anything today, but will try some rice later.

Sorry there is not much to this post, just sharing my bad weekend.  I feel bad about missing a daily post for the first time yesterday, but I was less than motivated to post and probably unable to put things coherently either.

I will not dwell on this weekend, it is gone.  I look forward to better days in the future.


  1. Sending you a hug and I smile. Thank goodness for the little pleasures like college football. Remember you are stronger than you know. I'm praying for a better week for you!

    1. Thank you Miss Riki. I am in dire need of one these days. I appreciate it.

      You never really know how strong you are until you need to be.

      Just a quote I remember reading one day and liking. Now that it applies, not so

  2. As a big 12 gal, I can't say much for your choice of teams , but I'm glad football was able to bring at least some small moments of pleasure into a difficult weekend. I'm confident better days are ahead in the very near future. Keeping you in my thoughts.

    1. I grew up in the days and area of the Big 10 being the powerhouse in college football. Thankfully I moved and discovered real football in the south. LOL

      I spent the last nearly 4 years in the hometown of Landry Jones, so I am a bit tired of hearing about how wonderful he is. He was good in High School, but for the area, it wasn't really saying much. He still seems like he has a good head on his shoulders, so I hope he does well. I just don't believe the press should hype up kids to go pro when they still have a year or two of college left. I thought college was about learning, not about getting drafted into the NFL. But then looking at SEC teams, most players need the NFL if they ever expect a job out of college.