Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Psalms in Metre

I am FAR from a poetry snob. (No offense anyone) Generally, I just don't get it.  Sure, I enjoy Whitman, Blake, and my personal favorite e. e. cummings.  But one collection I truly appreciate is the Psalms of David in Metre.

It is a truly obscure collection to lay your mitts on, but, thanks to the wonders of the internet, it is available online (link above).  It brings a new appreciation to the Psalms.  It reads like poetry (yes, it rhymes), but it stays very consistent with the Psalms.  It was originally published in 1775 and includes the author's (John Brown of Haddington) notes on the individual Psalms.

I first found this work when I was using the program e-Sword for Bible study several years ago.  I have never forgotten this particular work and off and on have referred to it when I have been in the mood to sing (poorly, I might add) the Psalms.  While the original tempo and rhythm of the psalms in Hebrew are unknown, I would just go with how I was feeling and the "message" of the psalm.  Psalms of praise are usually much more up tempo than the pleas for help (at least in my shiny little world).

At times I often wish I was more musically talented (yes, I was a musician-ish in my younger days and did turn down a music scholarship out of high school since I realized I would end up stuck teaching music which is NOT my forte), because I would really like to set them to music.  So if any of you are gifted in this manner, PLEASE do so and let me know.  I would gladly purchase this work.

I find this work a wonderful companion to any study in the Psalms, as the author's notes are very good and help to set the mood of the work.  And knowing the context surrounding the individual Psalm and researching that instance helps complete a study.

I hope this little tidbit encourages you to look up this work and dig into the Psalms.  It is truly one of my favorite books in the Bible, as there is always something there when I need it.

By the way, I received my course work for this "term" from the Seminary I enrolled.  I was VERY excited to see a course in the Psalms included.  I will let you know my thoughts when I start digging into the courses.

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