Monday, October 1, 2012

31 Days, Day 1

October is another Ultimate Blog Challenge month.  The goal is to post every day for the month.  Additionally, I will be participating in the 31 Day challenge sponsored by The Nesting Place.  I had originally intended to write on the topic of Running, as a motivating factor for me to get back running.

Due to recent developments in my colon cancer treatment (the denial of treatment due to VERY low platelet counts), the research I have conducted into naturally bolstering production has lead me to the transition to a plant based diet.  Specifically, I watched the documentary Forks Over Knives.  The film basically states that the majority of the debilitating disease in the world as well as obesity can be countered or controlled better through a plant-based diet.  The claims are based on years of research by several doctors, so it is not just hippy claims.

One specific claim that REALLY go my attention was that the transition to a plant-based diet can slow or stop the progression of cancer.  It seems that the amino acid casein which is found in animal products triggers and encourages cancer growth, as does sugar.  So eliminating animal products and sugars should theoretically help me battle colon cancer.  I am willing to do this for this reason alone.

I know many will question my choice, and I don't blame them.  It does seem counter to what governmental agencies state is the "ideal" way to eat.  But I am not worried about that.  Since I currently live alone, there are no major distractions to my choice, since I am the one who brings foods into the house.  When I travel, I will do all I can to stay consistent in this lifestyle change.

My father and his wife have decided to join me on this journey.  I am glad for that fact.  My (x)wife is supportive and has directed me to a friend of hers who blogs on her decision to follow a plant-based diet (also due to health reasons).  There are numerous web sites to find recipes and an entire Facebook community for support.

I am excited to see how this goes, since there are many testimonies of near miraculous reversals by following this lifestyle.

For more information on a plant-based diet, please check out Dr. McDougall's site.

It is going to be an interesting ride.


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    1. C'mon man. You know I am NOT a dirty hippy. If I had another viable option, I would be going that route and scarfing down bacon all the way.