Monday, July 30, 2012

You Can't Go Home Again

Recycled Facebook NOTE from January 11, 2009.

In Mark 6:4 Jesus said that a prophet is not without honor except in his own hometown with his relatives, and in his own household. How have I interpreted this and held it for most of my life, you ask? Well, I am glad you asked.

My take is that it is nearly impossible to be honored for your calling at home because HOME remembers. HOME knew you when you were a snotty little kid. HOME knew you when you were the kid who covered the side of your neighbors garage with mud because you were 7 and it was muddy, and darn it if those huge rhubarb leaves don't uproot easily and scoop mud beautifully to propel. {True Story} HOME remembers every time you put your foot in your mouth, every time your walk was not hand-in-hand with the Man who stilled the waters (even if it was B.C.-before conversion). HOME doesn't do change well.

To quote/paraphrase Disney's "Lilo and Stitch," Ohana means family in Hawaiian and family is forever and ever and ever and ever. Did you ever notice all the genealogies in the OT hence the begats and the listing in Matthew for the path to the Crown? Because families are always looking out for what happens among their own. And they never forget.

Well, HOME can also include the hometown where your young foolish reputation will always haunt you. HOME is your relatives where {some} will always confront you on some long forgotten (by you) offense or perceived offense that broke some one's feelings. And HOME also includes the members of your household, who, if no one else, sees you often enough to get hurt when you are inconsistent.

How does this tirade apply to my application? Well, I have always used this reference as a good sign to avoid HOME where you will be reminded of your failures no matter how strong your current testimony is. No matter what, you are still who you were in their eyes. This section continues that Jesus was amazed at their unbelief and He could do no great works except for heal a few who were sick. I mean even God was hindered by the HOME's preconceived notions of who HE was. What possible hope can I have?

But wait, look closer. Jesus is God, right? God knows everything (omniscient-all knowing). He knew He would not be able to do everything there, BUT HE STILL WENT BECAUSE THERE WERE A FEW WHO'S LIVES HE CHANGED. It doesn't matter if we get our feelings hurt, as long as we are obeying His will, there is some reason for us being lead there. Some may sow, some may water, some may harvest. We do not always see the full bounty from the seeds we sow.

Go and Sow. Yes, this whole blog is "really" about personal application, so I am preaching to the choir, but the choir director's monitor sometimes don't work so good.

All this reconnecting has ignited somewhat of a desire to go HOME again. Sure, I do not have much of anything left there, it HAS been a solid 20 years with few visits by me. I have not attended a High School reunion (not that I ever thought I would, because of the EXTREMELY divergent lifestyles). I just want it to be perfectly clear that if I return, God needs to lead me there with unwavering certainty (I am not casting fleece or looking for a Mene, Mene, Tekel u-Pharsin moment with the disembodied Hand of God writing it out for me). Just a wellness of soul and I would be good.

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