Thursday, August 2, 2012

2012 in 2012

After my walk last night, I was downloading my training information then played with my Garmin 405 training watch.  I scrolled through some screens I was not familiar with, and found two goals I had set for this year:

2012 total miles in 2012 (or an average of approximately 5.5 miles a day walked, ran, or biked).  Of course, I am way behind on this.  I have 153 days left, and 1,988 miles left to record (or nearly 13 miles a day).

140,000 calories burned in work outs in 2012 (or an average of 382.5 calories burned in work outs a day).  BTW, 140,000 calories would equate to 40 pounds of fat lost.  Just saying. Right now, to meet this goal, I would need to burn about 749 calories a day which still isn't crazy.

I am not upset about this.  Sure, I know I could have stayed consistent with my training and been closer to attaining my goals.  There is no excuse for why I stopped, other than I got lazy and life got in the way.  I will do what I can, and look forward to 2013 in 2013.

I am looking at a target race (nothing long) of the Bastrop, Texas (Cedar Creek, Texas) area Warrior Dash on November 10, 2012.  This is a roughly 5K race through insane obstacles.  It will be more about the fun than the run, and I am hoping that my (x)Wife will be accompanying me in this race.

I need to ensure my treatment schedule will work.  It is during a treatment weekend if I stay on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday Chemo schedule.  I might have to slowly shift it to middle of the week treatment, since I can schedule work around it as well (and I AM planning on getting back to work soon, maybe 3 more weeks).

The remaining challenge would be getting the time off work (actually not that hard).

We shall see.  I need to get my training going well and come up with registration, hotel, and gas/expenses for me and the family.  I think I will make it happen if it looks feasible.