Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Now what?

On July 15, I started this blog with the express purpose of chronicling my journey towards that which is truly important.  I think I have stayed pretty much on track with that, so far.

I participated in the Ultimate Blog Challenge in July, jumping in late.  I successfully met the goal of a post for everyday (I posted 31 times as though I had started on the 1st).  So now, I ask myself, "self, what is going to motivate you to keep posting?"  To which I reply, "Silly man, this journey needs to be shared.  We have to keep writing, even when we can't think of something.  There is always something we should be sharing.  There may be one person out there who needs encouragement, knowing that they are not alone in the battle.  Or more likely there is one person to whom we can act as a warning light and help them avoid a pitfall into which we have stumbled."

I always seem to have these types of conversations with myself, nearly arguments and somehow I end up losing?

So today, I will share the message on the sign in the picture.  I have seen this in several places since I have started my treatments for colon cancer.  I usually just glance at it and move on.  But last treatment cycle, I actually took a few seconds to read, I mean really READ, it.

It is truth.

In my own "special way," I end up restating things in a slightly different manner.  This, I paraphrase as:

Cancer is POWERLESS!
Love is stronger.
Hope lasts longer.
Faith will prevail.
Peace is not phased.
Friendships endure.
Memories, old and new, are ever present.
Courage shouts over it.
The soul is guarded and protected.
Eternal life is secure.
The Spirit is indomitable!

I will admit that during this whole situation of the diagnosis and treatment to date, God has truly shown His power.  I have been extremely side effect free (a few minor issues, but nothing not easily tolerated).  As I stated to my (x)Wife the other night, I almost feel like I want the Dr. to go more extreme in treatment so I can experience side effects so I can feel like it is doing something.

I know that is not a good plan.  The Dr is doing what she feels is the correct route on my treatment, and with all the wonderful Prayer Warriors in my corner praying and agreeing together for a side effect free treatment it would be a never ending cycle of trying to get more aggressive and God protecting me.  Last thing needed is for the treatment to get so extreme that along with the rogue, disobedient cells it poisons the healthy ones.

So now as I enter August head first at full speed, I look forward to our daily (if possible) time together where I can share my life and hopefully you can get to know me better, experience vicariously through me the journey I am on, be encouraged in your own journey, and be warned of hazards along the roadway.

Rejoice and be glad.


  1. Absolutely, the spirit is indomitable. I like your more positive spin (what *is* rather than all the "cannots") much better.

    1. In my natural mind, I am Eeyore-down and pessimistic. I have to "take every thought captive" and look for a positive spin. Being positive help me get through the day. I have nothing to fear because I serve a BIG God who is able to do "exceedingly abundantly more than we can ask or think."

      Thanks for commenting.

      Rejoice and be glad!

  2. I agree sorry I haven't been in contact I've been battling some kind of bug. All better now, I admire your blogging efforts. I have fallen way short. Need to try to block out a certain time for it! Praise GOD for no side effects (little anyway) that's a real testimony to the power of prayer! Love Dad

    1. Glad you are feeling better. I have a lot more time on my hands, so it is nothing spectacular that I am writing with such profundity and zeal. Prayer Rocks, God is good all the time.

      Rejoice and be glad!